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Needing Desktop Actions

Applications / software validated to need desktop actions added to a respective package in our repositories:

  1. If an application has a responsive / active upstream, a bug should be filed with them. An issue filed here may result in it being marked as an Upstream Issue and closed. If such upstream issue is resolved, then a task filed here should also be filed under the Software category (and Improvement workspace). Alternative a patch should be immediately provided via our normal Arcanist method.
  2. If we have an application / software available in our repository which does not have an updated desktop file from an upstream that has already provided Desktop Actions, please file an issue against this tag so it can be investigated.
  3. If an application does not have a responsive upstream and all measures have been taken (filing issues and a patch to them), a patch should be provided with [RFC] used.

In all instances, reference T7289 in your tasks. Never indicate that it solves it.

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