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  • Clear sailing ahead.


  • Clear sailing ahead.


  • Clear sailing ahead.

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Apr 18 2017, 7:25 PM (320 w, 10 h)

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Oct 18 2017

sd added a comment to T4720: USB-C port not recognised/powered after resuming from suspend (or reconnecting an USB-C device/dongle).

I'm seeing these same errors in dmesg as well with the same laptop.

Oct 18 2017, 4:09 PM · Hardware

Apr 18 2017

sd added a comment to T3320: Last update broke display manager.

I'm running into this issue as well with an Intel HD Graphics 620 (Kabylake GT2) laptop. It used to work fine for me but this latest update seems to have broken it.

Apr 18 2017, 7:30 PM · Software