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  • Clear sailing ahead.

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Apr 13 2017, 4:43 PM (294 w, 4 d)

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Aug 6 2018

VapeNation added a comment to T3778: WireGuard.

Maybe the request for openresolv should be re-opened ?

Aug 6 2018, 10:21 AM · Package Requests
VapeNation added a comment to T3778: WireGuard.

@anaknaga did you also get the error because of missing resolvconf when trying wg-quick?
wg-quick up azirevpn-se1:

ip link add azirevpn-se1 type wireguard
wg setconf azirevpn-se1 /dev/fd/63
ip address add dev azirevpn-se1
ip address add 2a03:8600:1001:4000::4b6/64 dev azirevpn-se1
ip link set mtu 1420 dev azirevpn-se1
ip link set azirevpn-se1 up
resolvconf -a azirevpn-se1 -m 0 -x
/usr/bin/wg-quick: line 73: resolvconf: command not found
ip link delete dev azirevpn-se1

Compiled and installed using
Following the guide at:

Yes, you will need to comment out the resolvconf line and add the following to the conf file for it to work in Solus:

PostUp = echo "nameserver YOUR_WG_DNS" > /etc/resolv.conf
PostDown = echo "nameserver YOUR_NORMAL_DNS" > /etc/resolv.conf
Aug 6 2018, 7:14 AM · Package Requests

Apr 13 2017

VapeNation created T3262: The new nylas mail client.
Apr 13 2017, 4:52 PM · Package Requests