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Paulser (Paul Serafini)
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  • Clear sailing ahead.


  • Clear sailing ahead.


  • Clear sailing ahead.

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Jan 18 2017, 10:55 PM (229 w, 4 d)

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Jan 19 2017

Paulser reopened T679: nextcloud as "Open".

I would like to see NextCloud Client added to Solus store even though OwnCloud Client might work exactly the same as NextCloud Client.

Jan 19 2017, 12:55 AM · Package Requests
Paulser added a comment to T757: GnuCash.

@DataDrake Apologies didn't mean to cause offense. I got confused on which bug I should comment on as they are both the same issue. I was just really trying to help other new users (They might get confused like I did). Apologies again if I broke forum etiquette.

Jan 19 2017, 12:49 AM · Package Requests

Jan 18 2017

Paulser added a comment to T441: GnuCash.

Just would like to add that I would love this program to be on Solus. I have been talking in the Solus IRC about this issue. It is a shame that GnuCash is not on the OS platform but I do understand that if it's going to cause issue then it should not be on the polished Solus build. Anyway some of the IRC people have recommend installing Skrooge. This can replace GnuCash if you really want to use Solus but you might be at risk of some issues with importing and you might have to be willing to learn how it works.

Jan 18 2017, 11:58 PM · Package Requests
Paulser added a comment to T757: GnuCash.

Please Review T441 for more details on this request/bug

Jan 18 2017, 11:40 PM · Package Requests