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Aug 17 2021

mrdaltro awarded T6553: Make it possible to use zswap (for machines with little RAM) a 100 token.
Aug 17 2021, 6:10 AM · Hardware
mrdaltro added a comment to T6553: Make it possible to use zswap (for machines with little RAM).

Basic research and we sure can find a lot of resource about the performance improvement zswap can be (I'm listing it below). If devs are afraid, remember Linux is a modular highly customizable system. Not just zswap, but even zram (!) is default in Fedora for more than a year right now, what I think it's not desirable, as I think zswap is a better alternative (some data it's really meant to be stored in mass storage, even in runtime, the exception is for memory pressure situations as I'd like to state), as it's really polished Linux feature, it's in there for years (since Linux 2) and it's the default (enabled by default) for the official/mainline stable Linux image currently (and for a lot of Android devices right now, and as an example I could say even my device Asus A001D, but I know about a lot of Xiaomi phones also). I see the purpose of having a kinda "stripped down" kernel, but sure just one or two modules wouldn't have great impact for image's size.

Aug 17 2021, 6:09 AM · Hardware

May 15 2021

mrdaltro added a comment to T8879: Adding joplin to the repo's.

I love Joplin as well, but just download the appimage for now (or file a request on github for snap/flatpak support). This has also already been said by one of the lead devs:

Thank you for your feedback, it's been rejected per our package inclusion policy and my decision is final on the matter.

It has also been denied multiple other times (see T6488 and T8384).
And to respond to @EbonJaeger, there is no difference. The only "unique" thing about the app is it's UI. If you want a note taking app that can sync with cloud services and supports markdown that is already in the Solus repositories, see QOwnNotes and boostnote.

May 15 2021, 9:28 AM · Package Requests

May 14 2021

mrdaltro added a comment to T316: Make it possible to use zram (for machines with little RAM).

Oh boy, this really sucks...

May 14 2021, 9:36 AM · Hardware

Sep 6 2019

mrdaltro added a comment to T8317: Exaile music player.

Good answer, dude. So, as a User member of Solus I understand know, but I'm not obligate to accept. By myself, I feel very grateful for your support, Solus is really a great project, offering great performance, good user experience, elegant interface, as well as eopkg, really fast and efficient package system. And you're right: if I think it's too small, it's my problem - I'm just a new user - and, thankfully, eopkg offers to their users the freedom to create and maintain their own repositories, as well as I could do.

Sep 6 2019, 7:38 PM · Package Requests
mrdaltro added a comment to T8317: Exaile music player.

I don't know if I got this, but... The reason to not include a software is... "Ya, we have another Python music players"? So, are you saying that this (too damn little, and come on, you can't tell me any opposite) repository will have exactly one unique piece of software (within a specific category) for each language? This way, I really can't get why we have Vivaldi and Brave in the same place (for your logic... "oh, another Blink frontend, sh.."). Your form told me to describe unique features of this software, and I describe and can tell one more... It's GTK. No other GTK music player have all Exaile features reunited. For the end user, it's FEATURES that matter, not the language that a software is written. Your logic is broken as Zimbabwe, and if this is the philosophy of this project, even with the incredible quality that was putted on Solus, I can't afford using it... If it's what you want, I can pack it myself and upload it here. I can be the maintainer.

Sep 6 2019, 6:32 PM · Package Requests
mrdaltro added a comment to T8317: Exaile music player.

It's working. I built it minutes ago and the only bug I noticed is that FLAC bit rates can't be read by the player, but it's a Exaile bug. I needed to install python-cairo, and python-beautifulsoup, python-lxml are both optional dependencies for lyrics feature.

Sep 6 2019, 4:48 AM · Package Requests
mrdaltro created T8317: Exaile music player.
Sep 6 2019, 4:06 AM · Package Requests