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Kernel 5.14.12 doesn't display LUKS passphrase screen
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When booting with 5.14.12-200 kernel a blank screen is shown. After entering the correct passphrase for LUKS Solus does start. It works when selecting the previous kernel (5.14.10).

It probably is caused by changing CONFIG_FB_SIMPLE from y(es) to m(odule) [ ].

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While I do not have this issue on my LUKS-based system, it does appear that a relevant change was made in 5.14.12 and this change has resulted in some other issues coming to the forefront.

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@darkness If you don't mind testing before I commit to rebuilding all the separate drivers and modules, please run the command below. If you are using proprietary graphics, VirtualBox, broadcom-sta, etc. though do let me know, as those will not work due to lack of rebuilds against release 201.

sudo eopkg install
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I'm running NVIDIA Binary Driver (470.63.01-407) unfortunately.

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Alright, I'll cook that up for you as well and reply again with further instructions when that is hosted and available for installation.

@darkness Instructions below:

sudo eopkg install

If you have nvidia-glx-driver-32bit installed, you'll also want to run:

sudo eopkg install

With all of them installed I see the LUKS prompt again :) .

Yay, thanks for testing and filing the issue. Going to wait on some validation from some fine folks on the forums as well that encountered the same issues, but should get the kernels pushed out within a few hours if everything works out.

Now deployed to stable repo.