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Request for additional speech synthesizers
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Please add the following speech synthesizers to the repository:

  1. RHVoice:

It is a dynamically evolving open source speech synthesizer. For users from Ukraine and Russia, this is the only speech synthesizer in Linux (Espeak, as a rule, most users use only to install and configure the system).
For Ukrainian-speaking users, this is generally the only existing speech synthesizer, with relatively high-quality pronunciation (we are constantly improving dictionary);

  1. Ru_tts:

And its dependence:

This speech synthesizer is designed for the Russian language. However, we also use this speech synthesizer for the Ukrainian language, as it has a very clear and legible pronunciation, which allows a blind user to work with extreme speed. It is also open source.
Rulex is a pronunciation dictionary. Ru_tts, if I m not mistaken, depends on librulexdb.

I would be very grateful if you would consider my request.

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These need to be independently requested and follow

In the case of ru_tts, that would be rejected since there are no git tags or release tarballs, at least linked on GitHub.

nazar added a subscriber: nazar.Thu, Jan 20, 6:10 PM

@bmivzkrp if you're still intrested in rhvoice package you can vouch for it at T10128