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Waybar needs font-awesome-ttf
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The waybar package needs font-awesome-ttf as a rundep to show symbols. Without it you get this:

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@davidjharder nice to see another person using waybar!

@JoshStrobl the default style.css does say that you need awesome font installed for icons to work, so I can add this as a rundep. I personally never ran into this issue before because I use Nerd Fonts, which also work. That said, just want to confirm we're good with bundling font-awesome-ttf into the waybar package vs letting the user decide which font they want to use. I've actually already built and tested a waybar package with font-awesome-ttf as a rundep, and while it works nicely out of the box, if I try to remove font-awesome-ttf later it takes waybar with it. Not sure if there's another way to do this, but I could see this potentially irking some waybar users. Thoughts?

@h3o an occasional user :)

I think the expected behavior here is for waybar work out of the box by including font-awesome. If users want to use some other font they can modify their style.css.

eopkg removing waybar with font-awesome is just regular eopkg behavior

h3o added a comment.Thu, Oct 14, 12:52 AM

@davidjharder agree! I've just submitted an update to include font-awesome-ttf as a rundep. First time making changes to an existing package so hopefully this was submitted properly.

@h3o Your diff looks good, just needs review from the Core Team.