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Update tlp to 1.4.0
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Please update tlp to 1.4.0

According to the FAQ TLP website, tlp 1.4.0 provides new traits to certain laptops:

Supported hardware

Depending on TLP version and laptop vendor or brand Battery Care includes different capabilities:

Version 1.3.1 and lower

IBM/Lenovo ThinkPads only: start and stop charge threshold, discharge and recalibration

Version 1.4 and higher - additionally:

ASUS laptops: stop charge threshold

Huawei MateBooks: start and stop charge threshold

LG Gram laptops: fixed stop charge threshold at 80% aka battery care limit

Lenovo laptops (non-ThinkPad series): fixed stop charge threshold at 60% aka battery conservation mode

Samsung laptops: fixed stop charge threshold at 80% aka battery life extender


Please find below the github site:

This is my first request, if I made any mistake, please accept my apologies.

Thank you in advance, kind regards

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