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  • Name: qgit
  • Homepage:
  • Why should this be included in the repository?: It's an alternative to git's gitk GUI. I don't need to tell you how old Tk applications appear, plus a Qt git GUI integrates well into Plasma, which I am using. A git GUI is often more productive than the bare command line because of how many items you can glance at.
  • Is it Open Source?: GPL 2.0
  • Who and how many users do you anticipate will use this software?: Numerically? I don't know. But there are certainly people who use gitk and appreciate aesthetics.
  • Link to source tarball/zip file:

v2.9 is old, but there's a v2.9.1 incoming so upstream is far from being dead. Admittedly though, issues aren't addressed that fast.

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I've packaged that on GitHub to verify build dependencies and stuff.

Not tried yet, because I have to upgrade my system first or wait for qt5 Release 62 to land on main.

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I'd like to see 2.9.1 released before we accept this.