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Add emscripten library headers
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For emscripten, the development C headers are provided but are not moved into the system include directory for users to use. Therefore when developing (e.g. maintain the C function name when exporting), it's a bit inconvenient as I have to manually move them from the emsdk/system/include directory to /usr/include/.

@YakoYakoYokuYoku May I take care of this?

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I'll do the job by myself, thanks. But isn't the purpose of the Emscripten headers only for WASM output.

@YakoYakoYokuYoku At least to my knowledge, it also affects the JS output, so that you can directly call a function in JS on the .js output file using its original name.

In the meantime, if you can also upgrade emscripten to its latest version, that would be fantastic ^_~

I could build and run the linked example without the need of copying or symlinking, perhaps what you've experimented with probably another project was because of the version of emscripten was too old. I'll try to update it this week.

What I need is the ability to do #include <emscripten.h>, and I think that is not affected by emscripten's version.

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