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Package request for horizon-eda
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Hello community,

I'm filing a package request for Horizon EDA. An easy-to-use and stable EDA.

Version:2.1.0 from 2021-09-07
Type:Electrical Design Application (EDA)
OpenSource:yes (GPL 3.0)

Why we should include this into the repository, i.e. what does it do that the alternatives do not?

As an alternative there is kicad available in the repositories. KiCAD is indeed more full featured and maintained by a large group, funded and used by many.

But Horizon EDA is a fairly new product that has risen up to give a EDA experience with the design principles of Gnome (GTK3) and an easy to use interface. I'm an electrical engineer and used several different EDA packages. Some proprietary and some open source (KiCAD, Eagle, Altium Designer). And I think Horizon EDA will be the first easy-to-use EDA suite since a long long time.

Bonus point: The storage format is JSON for schematics, board layout and everything.

Horizon EDA has been actively developed and maintained since 2017. I don't know how many active users are out there, but I think many students in electrical engineering could use that package instead of the crusty Eagle and the overwhelming complex KiCAD.

Source Code

Source code is hosted on GitHub:
Link to latest release tarball:

Binary package

Link to packaged eopkg (solbuild with GitHub Actions):