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Replace libindicator and libappindicator with the libayatana fork
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libappindicator from Canonical hasn't seen a release since 2012. There's a fork of it, libayatana, which is maintained and should provide ABI compatibility with the old libappindicator (requires proper testing).
Given the stale development of libappindicator, I think it's wise to try to replace it with libayatana. This task is not a package request but a discussion about the feasibility and the usefulness of the switch.

Given @JoshStrobl's approval, let's continue with a list of packages that require libappindicator:

  • autokey-py3
  • mate-control-center
  • mate-polkit
  • nicotine-plus
  • perl-gtk2-appindicator
  • polychromatic (although it fails to start with Python 3.9)
  • radiotray-ng
  • remmina
  • safeeyes
  • steam (multilib)
  • syncthing-gtk
  • synapse

And a list of packages that require libindicator:

  • mate-indicator-applet
  • workrave

List of packages that require indicator-application:

  • mate-indicator-applet (turns out it's not needed)

Ayatana's appindicator requires the addition of 3 package, with the following dependency hierarchy: ido -> indicator -> appindicator.

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Sounds good to me.

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algent added a subscriber: algent.Aug 15 2021, 1:28 PM

I managed to build libayatana-ido and libayatana-indicator so far. libayatana-appindicator will probably come tomorrow.

I believe syncthing-gtk supports libayatana natively actually.

@kyrios123 is indicator-application still a thing in MATE? It hasn't been touched in 4 years.

@kyrios123 is indicator-application still a thing in MATE? It hasn't been touched in 4 years.

That's a very good question. I didn't even know this package exist so it wasn't on my radar for checking if updates are available !
MATE has R2029 but as I understand from a very quick reading of the wiki and from an old post found on reddit, it might eventually be useful in some cases :

indicator-application-service is the service that is used to manage application indicators. Application indicators are a way for applications that don't provide any indicator integration with any of the existing indicators such as Messaging, Session, DateTime, etc. You can think of it as the replacement for the former systray.
Applications that want to provide status that doesn't fit into the existing categories can register with indicator-application-service and get an icon displayed in the panel.

We'll have to dig this unless @JoshStrobl knows more about it ?

Since Steam doesn't require libappindicator anymore (at least on Plasma), do you think it's OK not to introduce multilib support in libayatana-*?
Actually we should test steam on Budgie too.

libayatana-indicator is supported by mate-indicator-applet. Not sure about the indicator-application-service however. You could just try libayatana-ido + libayatana-indicator for testing against MATE. In terms of Budgie, yes that obviously should be tested as it is the flagship desktop environment and uses XEmbed-based system tray icons rather than the StatusNotifier functionality at this moment in time, which is what Plasma uses.

livingsilver94 renamed this task from Replace libappindicator with its fork libayatana to Replace libindicator and libappindicator with the libayatana fork.Aug 22 2021, 9:54 AM
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Stack update should be complete.

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To subscribers: We are still pondering whether we should replace indicator-application with libayatana-indicator-application or just deprecate it. Testing mate-indicator-applet will give us an answer.

deprecate it !!!!!!!

Nuked. Can now be resolved.

livingsilver94 closed this task as Resolved.Aug 26 2021, 9:24 PM
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Bye bye!

Wow, with this change my final remaining system tray issues have disappeared. Thanks for this! Seems like I really should've seen things through back when I took a quick look at libayatana 😺