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Bug - Flameshot app broken
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I'm getting the error bellow when I try to run Flameshot:

victoriobn@solus4 ~ $ flameshot 
QSettings::value: Empty key passed
QSettings::value: Empty key passed
QSettings::setValue: Empty key passed
QSettings::value: Empty key passed
QSettings::setValue: Empty key passed
Segmentation fault (core dumped

I am running the last stable version: Linux solus4 4.20.16-112.current

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The 4.20.16-112.current kernel is from March 14th 2019. Can you please update your system? Current version is 5.13.4-189

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@ReillyBrogan sorry being noob on this issue. I always keep my Solus updated in Software Center.
How can I proceed in order to update my kernel? Looks like it is already installed. So I don't know why I am still with the older version by default.

Thanks in advance,

@victoriobn what's the output of sudo clr-boot-manager list-kernels ?

victoriobn added a comment.EditedJul 27 2021, 7:36 PM

@kyrios123 the output shows that I have the last kernel (current) installed. I was doing my research on how to change the default kernel but seems like I don´t have enough space in my EFI partition.

victoriobn@solus4 / $ sudo fdisk -l | grep EFI
/dev/nvme0n1p2   1085440   1290239    204800   100M EFI System

Thats what I get when I try to update my default kernel:

victoriobn@solus4 / $ sudo clr-boot-manager update
[FATAL] cbm (../src/bootman/kernel.c:L646): Failed to install kernel /run/media/victoriobn/040E-028E/EFI/com.solus-project/kernel-com.solus-project.current.5.13.4-189: No space left on device
[FATAL] cbm (../src/bootman/update.c:L250): Failed to install default-current kernel: ///usr/lib/kernel/com.solus-project.current.5.13.4-189

So, looks like I'll have to do another installation and, this time, increase my EFI partition. Once I was using dual boot, i couldn`t increase my EFI partition =/

Do you have another idea?


@victoriobn the EFI partition size should be 512Mb as mentioned in the documentation. You probably installed Solus alongside Windows (and Windows creates a 100Mb EFI partition).

You can resize partitions with tools like gparted but you have to be very cautious using such tools as it is easy to break the whole system with is so in all cases backup your important data on all your OS first.
Rather than resizing your partition, you can create a 2nd EFI partition, but the current Solus installer is dumb and will always put its bootloader in the first EFI partition, so you'll have to move it and create a boot entry for it using efibootmgrfor example. These are quiet advanced topics, if something is wrong the computer won't boot.

I'd suggest discussing this on the forum since this isn't related to flameshot.

I have had my 512MB EFI partition filled to the brim by old kernels before, so that *could* be the case here, in theory. You could be right about the partition size, though.

@kyrios123 many thanks. I`ll try another installation.

@kyrios123 @serebit where can I find the old kernel files? I was looking at /boot but it is empty (?). Removing some kernel files would be an option? Or, there is another way to free EFI space?

@victoriobn Your EFI partition doesn't have room for old kernel files. A current initramfs + kernel is roughly 75MB which means your system only has one set.

And the /boot partition is usually unmounted unless it's being updated. You should be able to figure out what partition it's on and mount it manually to /boot.

@ReillyBrogan I've just liste the content of my EFI partition:

victoriobn@solus4 /run/media/victoriobn/040E-028E/EFI $ ls
Boot  com.solus-project  Microsoft  systemd

victoriobn@solus4 /run/media/victoriobn/040E-028E/EFI $ cd com.solus-project;ls -l
total 68870
-rw-r--r-- 1 victoriobn victoriobn 27453855 Oct 28  2019 initrd-com.solus-project.current.4.20.16-112
-rw-r--r-- 1 victoriobn victoriobn 10355872 Oct 28  2019 kernel-com.solus-project.current.4.20.16-112
-rw-r--r-- 1 victoriobn victoriobn 10823840 Oct 28  2019 kernel-com.solus-project.current.5.2.20-130
-rw-r--r-- 1 victoriobn victoriobn 10942624 Nov  4  2019 kernel-com.solus-project.current.5.3.7-132
-rw-r--r-- 1 victoriobn victoriobn 10942624 Nov  8  2019 kernel-com.solus-project.current.5.3.8-133

Looks like this is these are the current kernel files, right? If i remove some of them, maybe it could work? I mean, it would free some space, right?

The initramfs for the current kernel (initrd-com.solus-project.current.5.13.4-189) is 58MB alone. Combined with the kernel image you'll already be at 64MB and there's just no way you're going to get that onto your EFI partition unless you delete at least your current initramfs or all of those kernel images. During this you'll also need to manually edit the bootloader entries (in the /boot/loader/entries folder), and you'll need to avoid making any mistakes as you will render your system unbootable if everything isn't correct (there's not enough space for you to have your old kernel and initramfs to fall back on, you will need to delete at least one of them).

And even if you do get it correct you'll still be in a position where kernel updates will require you to go through this whole situation manually again as you'll still be limited by that 100MB EFI partition.

It's honestly going to be faster and less risky to just backup your data and reinstall. A 1GB boot partition will be more than enough for the foreseeable future.

@ReillyBrogan got it. Many thanks guys. Will do that o/

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