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octave fix
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package installation on octave will fail since --disable-docs flag is used while compiling octave.
A workaround for this is to create an empty file where octave will look for "macros.texi".
source of fix
This patch enables octave to install extra packages.
Packages can be installed from octave-cli as:
pkg install <package_tarball>
pkg install -forge <package_name> from octave official repo.

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DataDrake added a subscriber: DataDrake.

I'll fix docs and enable some other things while I'm at it.

I'll look into fixing the macros stuff. For the moment though I'm waiting on an update for texinfo to solve this problem:

For the record, I am also enabling the following with this build:

  • Audio file support (sndfile)
  • Figure saving support (gl2ps)
  • FLTK for improved figure output
  • Java bindings for Forge packages
  • "help" infos provided by --enable-docs
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Landed fixes:

I can confirm the presence of macros.texi. The update will be available on the next sync.