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Update Python to the 3.9 series
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The update is required because of Blender 2.93 release bumped the version up, not much else. Probably this can be low priority but I'll try my best into explaining which things might improve the upgrade procedure.


  • As of writing the 3.9 series are in the bugfix maintainence status (<3.9.6).
  • Apart from rebuilding packages that depend on the Python library, another bunch of those that populate the /usr/lib/python3.7 directory needs to be done too. Those that use %python3_compile enter this category, can't say more things about those that reside in paths like /usr/share.

TODOish list:

  • Document the update process a bit better (for now I'd e.g. add grepping in the pspecs for /usr/lib/python3.7 needs to be added).
  • Create an autopush.yml (obtained by said grep and probably some eopkg info wizardry).

Link to the Changelogs here and here.

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Note: Anki also requires Python >= 3.8 starting with 2.1.36

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Currently at 392 out of 762 through the rebuilds, so over half way there.

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A few strangler's to finish up, but basically done.