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Update protonvpn-cli to 3.6.0
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The version of protonvpn-cli in our repository is 2.2.6, while the latest one is 3.6.0. So... we're very likely missing a lot of security & feature upgrades.

@serebit I'm also willing to maintain it if needed since I use this package.


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This is actually somewhat deceiving. ProtonVPN moved the linux-cli repo to linux-cli-community. They then uploaded a "new" package to the linux-cli repo. You can see this from linux-cli-community having far more stars and linux-cli having very little activity in comparison.

2.2.6 is the latest version of linux-cli-community, so we're not "missing a lot of security & feature upgrades". ProtonVPN does recommend switching to the "official" cli tool but we should handle it as a very breaking and disruptive change for our end-users.

If you want to maintain this, you can. You likely use it more frequently than I do anyway :p

@serebit Thanks!

@ReillyBrogan Oops I wasn't looking carefully enough! Though I would think that since the official one contains the killswitch, it could mean a lot for some people.
Shall I create a new package called protonvpn-cli-official or something like that? Interestingly, the two packages don't conflict with each other if both are installed because one's command is protonvpn-cli, while our version's command is protonvpn. I'd like to work on this but am not sure how to deal with it. Please advise. Thank you!

@GZGavinZhao I don't have a preference or anything (I don't use protonvpn). I just did the research because you said there might be security issues (an area I am fairly focused on).

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