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[RFC] Needs New Maintainer: minigalaxy
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The following is taken from

In v1.0.2

  • Fix updates sometimes not working
  • Fix some games always showing an update is available
  • Fix DLC not downloading
  • Fix DLC update option not showing up
  • Fix show store page button not showing anymore
  • Fix missing thumbnails not being downloaded for already installed games
  • Fix the login screen crashing in some cases
  • Use the system's icon theme for icons used

in v1.0.1

  • Open maximized if the window was maximized when last closed
  • Kept installers are now stored in ~/.cache/minigalaxy/download
  • Fix about window displaying wrong version number
  • Fix show store page button not showing anymore
  • Fix the download manager crashing when an installer has been damaged during downloading
  • Fix games showing an update is available while the latest version is installed
  • Fix loading the library taking a long time when many games are installed
  • Fix Gex not launching
  • Add the following translations:
    • Swedish
  • Update the following translations:
    • Polish
    • Russian

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ur5us created this task.May 24 2021, 1:31 AM
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Assigning @Hawkeye0021 as they are the maintainer.

Note: Due to lack of response by maintainer, this package is being RFCed for a new maintainer. Lack of an update and new maintainer within next 30 days will result in deprecation from the repo.

During the patch submission process, the file should be included if it is not already, and have the following content (replace REPLACEME with the correct value):

This file is used to indicate responsibility for the maintenance of this package. Individuals on this list should be the sole modifiers of the package, excluding cases where the Solus Team may need to perform necessary rebuilds, upgrades, or security fixes. This list should not be used for any direct contact usage. If you believe this package requires a package update, follow documentation from In the event this package no longer becomes sufficiently maintained, Core Team reserves the right to request a new maintainer or remove this package from the repository.

  - Email: REPLACEME

Unless the updating of the package or claiming of maintainership is being blocked by other items in the stack, 30 days shall be provided to update the package or claim maintainership. Should the package not see an update by either the maintainer or an individual volunteering to become the maintainer, Core Team reserves the right to remove it from the repository. Please note that simply volunteering for maintainership without providing a patch is not an accepted "solution" to resolving this task or preventing deprecation.

JoshStrobl renamed this task from Update minigalaxy to 1.0.2 to [RFC] Needs New Maintainer: minigalaxy.Oct 4 2021, 10:33 AM