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Everything freezes when I plug a second monitor
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After the Fashionable GNOME Forty update I'm unable to use my second monitor, which happens to be AW2518HF (1920x1080, 240Hz). When I start the PC with the DP cable plugged in, everything's black. If I start the PC without it, it runs as expected. When I plug in the monitor while Solus is running, the primary display freezes and the second display says that there's no signal coming in.

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Can you switch to a TTY or did it completely crash?

I think it completely crashed. Nothing happens when I try to switch to a TTY.

My GPU is a Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1. It could be that this issue is nvidia-related.

@szmarczak are you using displayport to connect at least one of your monitors? I believe there's a known issue with the most recent Nvidia driver if so.

If you are you should try to switch to HDMI if it will work with your setup.

Oh I just read your post again and you say you are. Yes, try to use HDMI if you can. I walked someone in IRC through reinstalling the previous driver but it's a bit tricky because there are multiple packages to downgrade and due to dependencies and reverse dependencies there are going to be at at least one additional package that needs to be downgraded (Linux-current) and likely a few more if you have other things that provide kernel modules installed

I don't have an HDMI cable right now but I'll definitely try it out. For now I'm going to just unplug my monitor before I launch Solus. Thanks.

@szmarczak Thanks for the details. I'll monitor that thread. Unfortunately while at first people said that 465.31 fixed their issue it seems they were mistaken. If more people are affected by this maybe we should roll the update back, but on the other hand a lot of other issues were fixed in those releases.

I tried plugging HDMI but no luck. The driver still crashed. After that I wanted to plug only one DP cable, but nope - it crashed permanently. But I'm able to access other TTYs on previous kernel.

How can I switch to the nouveau driver?

Edit: Uninstalled Nvidia drivers. Works for now.

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For what it's worth, I have experienced this issue too whenever I have had to set up my triple monitor setup. Generally works fine if I gradually add monitors to my configuration then export the xorg config to the appropriate location. But regardless, not a Solus-specific issue and thus marking as inavlid.

Glad they are finally fixing it.

Note that this should be fixed in the latest Nvidia beta driver (470 series).

When can we expect this to land in Software Center?

When can we expect this to land in Software Center?

Nvidia driver updates tend to get approved pretty quickly, so likely this will be available on stable during the next sync (which happens around Friday). Note that that's just an estimate and if there are any issues with this driver update then it will likely be delayed.