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Package Request: Wofi
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Description: Wofi is a launcher/menu program for wlroots based wayland compositors such as sway
Why this should be in the repository: Wofi is a wayland alternative to rofi and would be an ideal launcher for Sway. Sway, which is a wayland alternative to i3, is currently in the repo. I know Solus doesn't officially support Wayland at this point, but it's been running pretty well for me, and I think it would be good to include some more Wayland apps for improved Sway integration.
Is it open source: Yes


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h3o created this task.Apr 25 2021, 6:13 PM
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I've built it, but the build process is so smooth that I'm not sure if it actually works. Can you help me test it out, since I'm not sure how to test it?

h3o added a comment.May 18 2021, 10:49 PM

Hey, thanks for taking a shot at building it @GZGavinZhao . If you share your build (or let me know where I can grab it) I can run it on my end and check if it's working. Given it's a program launcher I'd just test that it runs and launches programs as expected, in a wayland environment.

This comment was removed by DataDrake.

@GZGavinZhao Please do not upload .eopkg archives. Not only is this a security risk but it uses unnecessary space in the sites' storage. Thanks.

GZGavinZhao added a comment.EditedMay 18 2021, 11:30 PM

@DataDrake Sorry for that!
@h3o Maybe you can try to compile the build it yourself. Follow the article about building a package and end at the part "Updating solbuild". After that, run sudo solbuild build in the directory you downloaded the package.yml file.

Edit: since it's a pretty small package, your computer can definitely handle it. Also, as mentioned above, there will be two packages, and it would be great if you can test both.

h3o added a comment.EditedMay 18 2021, 11:40 PM

I was able to download both files before they were removed. The wofi package works great. The wofi-devel package did not install, due to the following error:

System error. Program terminated.
External dependencies not satisfied: wofi release 1

EDIT: D'oh, that was my fault. I uninstalled wofi before trying to install wofi-devel. I installed wofi again, and then tried installing wofi-devel and it installed fine. Not sure what to test in the devel package though?

I built wofi from source before and it also ran fine on Solus. I'm only hesitant to try building the eopkg on my end because I only have solbuild setup in a vm (don't want to put on my main machine), and not confident that wayland works properly in a virtual environment.

Perhaps we will need to revisit this at another time : )

It's ok. As long as the wofi package works, I belive both of them should be fine and are ready to submit. Thanks for helping!

I would be interested in maintaining this, but it is no longer actively developed:

This project is not being actively maintained. I currently do not have the time nor energy to continue working on it

Banner on the homepage here:

JoshStrobl closed this task as Wontfix.Oct 13 2021, 7:13 AM
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Given it isn't being maintained, rejected for inclusion.