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Package Request - KBackup
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Name: KBackup
It is a backup/restore utility built around the Qt and KDE frameworks. It's simple and user friendly similar to Deja Dup, but doesn't require a Plasma DE user to install the additional GTK dependencies.
Is it open source?: Yes

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JoshStrobl triaged this task as Needs More Info priority.Apr 11 2021, 8:08 PM
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Per our package request doc, this is not valid. A versioned tarball must be provided.

Per our package request doc, this is not valid. A versioned tarball must be provided.

Sorry about that.

Thanks! Leaving it up to @Girtablulu on whether it should go in or not. He's the KDE maintainer on Solus :)

I've already packaged it and have it installed and running on my Plasma DE. You can view the package.yml and other files from build here

Just some quick feedback that is in no way exhaustive on the repo you linked:

  • Name should be lowercase
    • When you change the name be aware that the old name is still going to be installed on your system. You will want to eopkg rm it before you install the package with the corrected name.
  • Where are you getting that version string from? It should match the upstream version you're building. If I take a look at the releases page, I do not see 21.07.70 as a version of the source code that they have tagged/released.
  • Your source archive is refs/heads/ This is a dynamic file that github generates that always refers to the latest code of the master branch.
    • Solus always requires a tagged version of the code. Building against master or main is not allowed. Basically, you should be able to rebuild the same package weeks/months later and get essentially the same thing as when you first built it (the final output might be a little different if the dependencies have been updated in the meantime but your package should be essentially unchanged)
    • Because this is a dynamic reference the package build is going to break as soon as someone pushes to kbackups master branch. The hash of the generated zip will have changed by that point. Your build may have already broken by the time you read this if someone pushes a commit between the time I write this and the time you read it.
    • The correct source archive to build from is one from whichever version you are choosing to build. To figure this out go to the releases page I linked above, click on the release you want to build, and then copy the URL of the "Source code (tar.gz)" option (some projects only provide .zip files and that's okay, but if you can choose always choose the tar.* files). The version of the release you're building should match the version field in the package file.
  • Your summary can be a bit shorter. Something like "A backup utility from KDE". The summary field is what is shown when people do a eopkg search, so short and concise is preferred.
  • You committed the .eopkg file. Don't do this. The eopkg file is created from the package files and are not stored alongside the package files. My favorite way to resolve this is to create a global .gitignore and then add *.eopkg to it. This will cause git to always ignore those files. Not really a big deal in this case because your repo would not be copied to anyway but something to keep in mind for the future. Contributions that include .eopkg files will not be accepted until they are modified to not include them.
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@ReillyBrogan Thank you for the feedback. This is my first package so I'm still learning everything.

• Name has been changed to all lowercase
    ◦ re-indexed my local repo after a sudo eopkg rm
• Version was pulled from the main branch, I didn’t take into account like you did that this could be very active development, rebased to 21.04 version
• Summary lifted directly from kbackup github
• removed .eopkg file