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Name: Logiops



Why should this be included in the repository?
This is a significant value-add for users of (many) Logitech peripherals. For example, this allows the association of custom gestures to the MX Master series of mice which are common amongst developers (as they are excellent productivity mice).

Is it Open Source: yes, it is GPL 3.0 licensed

Who and how many users do you anticipate will use this software?
Logitech peripherals are fairly common and the logiops repo currently has around 850 stars so I expect a decent number of people to use this driver (assuming they are aware of its presence in the repos).

Link to source tarball/zip file:

Event Timeline

I have a candidate package for this already testing and working. I believe it is up to the standards of the Solus team and can submit it upon acceptance for inclusion.

I volunteer to maintain this package going forward.

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