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gscan2pdf no longer able to save to disk
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after latest update my gscan2pdf is no longer working correctly.

On start it shows me a warning that 2 files are missing

libtiff to save pictures
pdftk for encryption
My search showed libtiff is still installed, while pdftk is nowhere found in the repository.

I can scan stuff, but I am no longer able to save them as the button is greyed out.
Discussing it on forum ( ) others report similar issue.


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after some monkeying around I added this to the referenced link above: "When I hit 'email scan' it gives me a pdf I can save. When I 'print to file' I have a pdf also. Technically it creates pdfs, but the arrow picture 'save' button and menu 'save' text are both nonfunctional for sure---"

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Just needs an update

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Thank you.