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Apparmor orphans
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Apologies, I bounce around a bit and don't have logs or exact messages available, but wanted to report anyhow.

In a new 4.2 install, if you remove snapd, apparmor becomes an orphan as reported by eopkg rmo, and is removed.

This then caused subsequent eopkg operations to complain in the 'apparmor' stage of autoconfiguration after eopkg operations.

Seems either apparmor shouldn't be an orphan, or that its removal should trigger that config step to also disable itself.

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axaxs created this task.Feb 20 2021, 1:54 AM
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Katoa added a comment.Feb 20 2021, 1:50 PM

Tested this and found that, if you remove snapd before a full system update, then everything is fine (on a clean 4.2 install), if you remove it after then the issue reported happens.

Was wondering what was going on, have a setup script i run after a clean install, which remove snapd after a full system update, then run a eopkg rmo. Suddenly i got errors and found that apparmor were no longer installed...