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protonmail-bridge not launching
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So, I installed Solus Budgie on Friday, installed the protonmail-bridge package from the repository, and it won't launch. When I try to launch it from the terminal, it just says:

INFO[0000] Run app                                       appName="ProtonMail Bridge" args="[protonmail-bridge]" build="2021-01-29T16:23:57+0000" pkg=cmd revision= runtime=linux version=1.5.7-git
Frontend error

Here are the logs from when I try to launch it:

It seems like protonmail-bridge launches when I install kdeclarative, so I'm guessing it's a dependency problem?

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Initially I suggested it needed kdeclarative or one of its deps, looked a little harder it just needs qt5-graphicaleffects

Thanks for the info everyone. I had qt5-graphicaleffects installed as a dependency of a different program and didn't catch this.