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AWS CLI - command line interface for managing Amazon Services.

There is no alternative to it. You simply need it to manage AWS services.
It is not open source, but is packaged in all other distros, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Link to the most recent version
Example link to version 2.0.30

Since AWS has a wide range of services, this tool is indispensable. In my case I need it for Lambda and S3.

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Closing as it is not open source and there is no clear guidance on redistribution. Just because "other distros" happen to package it doesn't mean they aren't violating a license in some manner to do so.

The redistribution guidance is pretty clear:
This is a piece of software, many developers and devops need. I installed it with their install script now as I need it urgently. But it won't be updated automaticly.

So Amazon has an interest for developers to be able to use it and as their license says, you can redistribute, if you only include a complete copy. Those are only a few files.

Please take this into consideration again.

@DasJott why are you saying the AWS CLI is not open source?

@livingsilver94 Oh my fault, you're right! I'm sorry!
So it's even open source...