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Solus suspend broken on Acer-V3-371 after installation - works on live-disc and other distros
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I have discovered an issue in Solus regarding Suspend method.

At Live-disk the issue does not occur and on my Acer V3-371 the suspend mode works straight right out of the box.

However right after I install Solus to disk, if I attempt to go to suspend mode, the system hangs. on kernel 5.4.12-144.current the issue presents itself a little bit differently tan on Solus kernel 5.10.5-167.current (latest), but it is inoperative on both kernels.

on 5.4 the issue presents itself in the following way:
after clicking suspend, the system hangs, screen goes blank and never returns. Hard reset is the only possible way forward.

on 5.10 The issue is a bit different, but system is also inoperative:
After clicking suspend, the system hangs for 5 seconds, screen flashes, goes to lock-screen mode with password prompt. If I unlock it, it is not responsive and all networking is gone. attempting to execute any command in Terminal returns nothing. The system is extremely slow and needs a hard reset to fix.

I have traced the issue to two possible culprits - the modules or the kernel. The only issue I have with the kernel is this - why does upgrading to 5.10 change the nature of the issue, if the kernel is not involved? That's why I think the kernel is somewhat involved in this issue.

As for modules, I don't know for certain, but I think it might have something to do with wmi module in Solus. I tried Monjaro 4.9 and suspend works fine.after install, so it's not strictly krnel issue - it's some setting Solus is setting, but I can't identify it

I need to disable wireless modules (wifi and bluetooth) via rfkill wlan, then Solus suspend mode works. If I do not suspend the wireless modules manually, the system hangs when going into suspend mode.

Hibernate works though...if that's of any help to you

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I managed to solve the issue by commenting out the following line from:



Attached log of failed suspend. For some reason the setting above was crashing the firmware