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Audio Cuts Off After Every Reboot (due to remembered HDMI device)
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Here's another weird one. I just spent a while debugging an issue today, here are my findings.

Some part of the audio pipeline was remembering an unplugged HDMI device from yesterday and sending audio to it instead of the visible settings in the Settings/Sound tab. No amount of changing the options there could fix it. The issue persisted through multiple reboots, rollback of today's update, and re-updating.

Workaround: I reconnected the HDMI device, switched to it, and then switched away from it. But I have to do this after every reboot.

There's a second interrelated issue around today's updates. An NVidia driver update went out but did not update the 32bit drivers leading to a ton of weird issues. Including Steam and MPV crashes until I manually reinstalled the drivers and rebooted.

I've been grepping around in /etc for HDMI audio devices but I'm not finding where it is being persisted. If anyone has a suggestion of what to try next I would appreciate it.

Below only for historical purposes:

(this was written before I got to the workaround step)

Original title: No Audio via Settings Dialog, RhythmBox, etc
Broken: Since today's update (I also tried rolling back) the Settings dialog's Sound tab's "Test" output button no longer makes an audible sound. The VU meter does not detect sound playing either.
Broken: RhythmBox and standalone Spotify also do not output sound of any kind. Although they appear to play songs through and even produce notifications.
Broken: While gnome-mpv just crashes on launch stating on the commandline: libEGL warning: DRI2: failed to authenticate and Floating point exception (core dumped).
Working: However, Firefox (including YouTube and the Spotify web player) and BitWig Studio DO produce sound just fine. (the Settings VU meters do not display either, though they do display the Firefox level sliders).

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Can you please tell us which kernel (-current or -lts) and edition (Budgie, Gnome, MATE, Plasma) you are running? Thanks.

acook added a comment.Jan 11 2021, 4:04 AM

uname -r says 5.10.5-167.current and I'm using Budgie.

This was installed on or around 20th of December if that helps at all and I've run upgrades pretty much every day.

I don't know if this is related, just reporting my experiences.

Computer started rebooting randomly a couple days ago.

It does not reboot when running Solus from a thumb drive, even when running CPU and memory benchmarks.

So I suspect some kernel/driver issue. I've completely removed the proprietary Nvidia driver packages but the problem still occurs.

Despite not seeing the issue on the live version, I'm still concerned about a hardware problem. Thus I'm going to install a different OS and put it through its paces. Once I've verified if it is a hardware issue I'll reinstall Solus and go from there.