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First working patch file for megasync.

git cloning was used since no recent release tarballs were found for mega sdk.

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shameempk created this task.Oct 3 2016, 7:07 AM
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DataDrake added a comment.EditedOct 3 2016, 11:10 AM

Doing an arbitrary git clone like that is not okay. Rebuilds of a package must always use the same source code. This has the potential to use a different version of the code revision each time you rebuild.

Will it be ok to fetch a specific commit then ?

That would be better. Though, I would also appreciate it if we could get them to start tagging releases again. Maybe open an issue requesting tags for newer releases?

Also, have you tried the 2.5.0 SDK to see if it is compatible?

2.5.0 is pretty outdated. (Not compatible with new releases of MegaSync)

I too have had that thought of opening an issue on tagging.

@nunomgsantos issue opened for tagging remain unnoticed by mega devs, any fix with git source won't be appropriate.

DataDrake triaged this task as Low priority.Oct 28 2016, 8:06 PM
DataDrake removed a project: Third Party Software.

@shameempk @DataDrake new Mega SDK officially released, version 2.8.0.


Please check this patch file with new sdk release:

@DataDrake Is this being reviewed ?

@shameempk I took a quick look and noticed a couple of things.

  1. the builddeps should list the pkgconfigs first and be alphabetically sorted
  2. You should use the macros %autogen %qmake and %make
  3. --prefix from configure can be removed. It's automatically set by the macro %configure
  4. Is the loop in install really necessary? Looks like you could just copy the entire folder. Would simply it a little bit

@theSoenke thanks for the heads-up, I actually forgot to sort. I am not sure about %autogen macro also. AFIK install command is not meant for copying entire folder. If there are any workarounds let me know.

You shouldn't be packaging the SDK and the client in the same package. They have different version numbers and should be dealt with separately.

@DataDrake We need sdk files to compile the client. In fact we are using sdk as a source.

Doing an arbitrary git clone like that is not okay. Rebuilds of a package must always use the same source code. This has the potential to use a different version of the code revision each time you rebuild.

Will it not change the source code for each time we rebuilding?

DataDrake added a comment.EditedNov 28 2016, 5:59 PM

I'm not saying an arbitrary git clone. I'm talking about using our built in git support for ypkg:

Notice the sources section. cool-retro-term also uses git submodules.

@DataDrake I was not aware of this native git support, I think it was not there before. Any way good to know it's there.

DataDrake closed this task as Wontfix.Dec 17 2016, 5:41 PM

"Other than in respect of those parts of the code that were developed by other parties and as specified strictly in accordance with the open source and other licences under which those parts of the code have been made available, as set out on our website or in those items of code, you are not entitled to use or do anything with the code for any commercial or other purpose, other than review and commentary on it."

We can't package this.

feskyde removed a subscriber: feskyde.Dec 25 2016, 3:32 PM

Can you place the software installation on third party?


Guys, if you still want megasync you can download my package from (package.yml file also available if you to build it yourself).

Herald changed the task status from Wontfix to Invalid. · View Herald TranscriptJul 21 2017, 8:39 AM

I would still like to see MEGASync included in the third-party repository.

MEGASync is one of few cross-platform open source bi-directional syncing cloud drive storage services.

It is certainly the easiest and cheapest to get up and running.

The other options include more expensive SugarSync, self-hosted Nextcloud, proprietary and expensive Dropbox, and a handful of resource-intensive Java-based Google Drive apps.

There is of course Google Drive mounting in Nautilus, mounting SMB/NHS network shares, or mounting remote systems via FUSE plugins.

None of these are as easy to get up and running for Home users than MEGASync though.

I really appreciate @Devil505's package though and have been using it, it's been critical to moving my workflow to Solus.

Unknown Object (User) added a subscriber: Unknown Object (User).May 16 2018, 9:23 AM
This comment was removed by DataDrake.

@abdulocracy I have removed your comment because not only should you not be advertising stuff like that here, but you are also in violation of the MegaSync license agreement by providing pre-built eopkgs.

Got it, removed my comment on the other task as well. I think Devil505's comment should be removed as well because of the license thingy, since it also links to eopkgs.

Lots of people use this software actively, just wanted to help. :-)