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Linux steam integration breaks xbox compatible controller support in steam
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During a recent update in Steam or Solus I've lost controller support in Steam.
My xbox compatible controller is detected by the OS, but not found in Steam.
It works fine with some games, but not all of them and not in the big picture mode of Steam.

If I turn off the "Use the intercept library" option in the "Linux Steam Integration" it works fine again.

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Fanton added a subscriber: Fanton.Dec 30 2020, 9:27 PM

I am able to reproduce this using an 8bitdo SN30 Pro+ controller in xinput mode (emulates an xbox one controller). With "Use the intercept library" enabled, Steam does not recognize the controller (though I too can get input in other applications such as sc-controller), while with the option disabled Steam recognizes the controller as an xbox one controller. However, if I put the controller in switch-mode (emulates a nintendo switch controller), I do get Steam to recognize the controller with "Use the intercept library" enabled.

I think installing the hidapi package fixed the issue for me, though I also installed the xboxdrv and hidapi-32bit packages too for good measure.

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I'd say that hidapi and hidapi-32bit should probably be dependencies of Steam and that is isn't specifically an issue with LSI.