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Gnome Screen Sharing - Post 3.38 Stack Upgrade
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If I read/understood the announcement properly, vino (which used to handle the functionality) has been removed and replaced with gnome-remote-desktop to handle this sharing through Mutter.

To that end, I compiled and installed gnome-remote-desktop from source and the Sharing toggle still can't be toggled properly, and the functionality still isn't present.

Is this something that is planned to be fixed, or is it out of scope? I know that others have had issues in the past when it was vino-based, but it seemed that the issue at the time was upstream.


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I have added gnome-remote-desktop into the repository. However please note that while I am able to establish a VNC connection after turning it on in GNOME Control Center, it just shows a blank screen for me when I connect to it using any VNC client (whether that's remmina, tigervnc, etc.). As such, I won't be adding it to gnome-control-center until I can determine what that specific issue is. I welcome anyone else to poke around with it. Won't be closing this issue until the blank screen issue is sorted.

Worth noting that you will need to enable the gnome-remote-desktop service and pipewire socket as your own user, I do not believe it will just automagically work otherwise.

systemctl enable --now --user gnome-remote-desktop
systemctl enable --now --user pipewire.socket

Thank you so much for looking into this. This to me is a "killer app" for Budgie, and something I think that would really add value to Budgie as a DE on my Linux machines.

Unfortunately, you're far beyond me at this point. I will keep up with news here and will continue to test, if that is helpful.