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Update mesalib to 20.2.2
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The value add of updating this package, @DataDrake, is that the update does a lot of bug fixing for Vulkan as well as adds new features for Vulkan and OpenGL. The Vulkan renderer has been broken for me recently, which I discuss the details of in T9326.

Version that does the feature additions and bug updates (not the version I am asking for, but still a higher version than our current one of 20.1.9):

The latest version that I am requesting:

The source code of version 20.2.2:

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FYI. This won't actually fix your problem because the newer Vulkan support for Intel on Mesa hasn't yet been included in an actual release. It only just landed in master on 11/2 and that means you won't see it until Mesa 20.3 at the earliest.

Girtablulu closed this task as Resolved.Dec 19 2020, 10:19 AM