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Hi, i am running Solus Budgie on a HP Laptop.
I installed GUITARIX from the repository with all its dependencies for having some electric guitar effects on my LineIn/Mic.

But starting GUITARIX leads to an Error-message-box: "system init * mlockall failed" "failed to lock memory: not enough memory available".
A second message box gives the Warning "JACK server is not currently running".
Then a thrid error msg box with "PitchTracker
* error creating realtime thread - tuner not started".

The Guitarix - application shows up, but none of the effects can be used.
I assume something is wrong with the "JACK", because "JACK" doesnt seem to give data to GUITARIX.

I am a total newbie...
Does anybody know, why this doesnt work or how to solve the issue?
Big Thanks in advance!

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Jacalz added a subscriber: Jacalz.Nov 9 2020, 10:17 AM

This is an issue with JACK sadly. The kernel config CONFIG_RT_GROUP_SCHED breaks realtime jack support. See for more information.