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Appimage RPCS3 Crash when using Vulkan Renderer for Demon Souls BLUS30443
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Current version of RPCS3 is RPCS3 v0.0.12-11042-a90801e2 Alpha | HEAD | Firmware version: 4.86

*The problem has persisted, however across multiple prior week's versions of RPCS3

Neofetch is:

The error I got was:

That means that vulkan doesn't support that feature

and vulkaninfo is

More details on the background of the error and my attempts to solve it are here:

The root of the issue seems to me that the vulkan drivers for intel (checked for intel-vulkan in software center, didn't find it), either aren't packaged in this distribution, or they are out of date leading to lacking functionaility.

I had the same problem on the Linux Mint xfce distribution, and moved to this one in hopes that the rolling release model and use of linux-current instead of linux-lts would solve this issue. Thus, is there a way to upgrade the current intel vulkan drivers to a version of Mesa or LavaPipe that supports vkCreateDevice, or patch it in? If you could provide assistance, that would be very helpful.

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Update: Same error as before still remains after package "vulkan" update to version.

Same line of code is the problem, the placement within the source code just shifted:

1017 CHECK_RESULT(vkCreateDevice(*pgpu, &device, nullptr, &dev));

This is probably due to Intel integrated graphics only supporting up to Vulkan api 1.2 for Intel UHD Graphics 620 and/or the intel driver microcode not being updated to a current version. I will send a request to upgrade intel-microcode to newest version and see if that works.

Intel Integrated Graphics Vulkan Support:

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This isn't a problem that can be solved by upgrading to the newer Mesa. You need the improved Intel Vulkan driver that hasn't shipped yet. Probably Mesa 20.3