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[RFC] Needs New Maintainer: pan
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Pan 0.145 which is the current version in Solus is very prone to crashing with Segmentation faults. There is a later version that fixes these issues. Please consider updating this package in the repo to v0.146

October 12, 2019 — Pan 0.146 "Hic habitat felicitas"
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This is a maintenance release bringing you a number of bug fixes and enhancements. Among other changes, the release addresses several segmentation faults and improves CI for Pan. All users are advised to upgrade to this latest version.

See NEWS for details on the changes in this release, and check the README file before upgrading. Feedback, bug reports, and patches are very much encouraged.

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Using this update request as an opportunity to request a new maintainer for Pan.

Repo: R2287 pan

As part of a sweeping effort I am doing to reduce outdated package count, begin regularly enforcing maintainership file inclusion in old(er) repos, and increase the likelihood of a package having a maintainer (should it be required, outside of those being handled by Core Team and Global Maintainers), this task is being created to effectively "notify" the current maintainer of the package that it needs to be updated or modified to indicate its maintainership and ensure it is regularly maintained. In the event there is no specific maintainer, either one may be specified that has regularly updated it in the past, or this task shall also be considered an RFC for a new maintainer.

During the patch submission process, the file should be included if it is not already, and have the following content (replace REPLACEME with the correct value):

This file is used to indicate responsibility for the maintenance of this package. Individuals on this list should be the sole modifiers of the package, excluding cases where the Solus Team may need to perform necessary rebuilds, upgrades, or security fixes. This list should not be used for any direct contact usage. If you believe this package requires a package update, follow documentation from In the event this package no longer becomes sufficiently maintained, Core Team reserves the right to request a new maintainer or remove this package from the repository.

  - Email: REPLACEME

Unless the updating of the package or claiming of maintainership is being blocked by other items in the stack, 30 days shall be provided to update the package or claim maintainership. Should the package not see an update by either the maintainer or an individual volunteering to become the maintainer, Core Team reserves the right to remove it from the repository. Please note that simply volunteering for maintainership without providing a patch is not an accepted "solution" to resolving this task or preventing deprecation.

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