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Update msmtp to latest release 1.8.12
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I had issues with current msmtp version showing unexpected TLS timeout errors and after some research found that this might be related to the old version in Solus repository.

The current msmtp build is very outdated with last update from May 2017 for release 1.6.6
The latest release is 1.8.12 from 20.08.2020 and without reading the whole changelog (there is no easy to read changelog, only git-log and issue tracker) it's more than likely that there are important fixes included.
The source code moved since last Solus build from Sourceforge to, maybe this is the reason why the new versions have been missed?

I tried a local solbuild based on Solus msmtp repository with just replacing the source with latest version 1.8.12 and this worked fine and fixed my issue.

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palto42 created this task.Sep 19 2020, 9:43 AM
palto42 added a comment.EditedSep 19 2020, 12:41 PM

I did some further investigation since when the mmstp failed to work and found that it was last time correctly executed on 5.9. and it first time failed on 12.9.
In eopgk history I found that libgnutls which is used by msmtp was updated on 11.9., maybe it's related somehow.

The translated error message which I got with old msmtp version 1.6.6 was "cannot read from TLS connection: the operation timed out" and as per comment on Stackexchange it is related to the TLS package (there it was recommended to switch to openssl), but this comment is more than 1 year old and not very detailed.

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I submitted a patch D9703, since it's my first one I hope I did it correctly.

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Meanwhile version 1.8.14 has been released, see msmtp news