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PrusaSlicer - slicer for 3D Printing
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  • PrusaSlicer
  • Prusa3D or GitHub
  • A fantastic slicer, successor for very popular Slic3r. It it an alternative for Cura (already in other repos), with quite a few features it lacks, but also it lacks a few features of Cura. Cura is very recommended if you use Ultimaker, PrusaSlicer if you have a Prusa printer or one of its many clones. But you can use PS with any brand of printer, I get much better results with it than with Cura. It is similarly popular, a matter of preference if you use on of the other. There are only 2 popular FOSS slicers, and by adding this one we would have all in our repos.
  • AGPL v3
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