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File conflicts during alacritty install
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When installing alacrtitty, eopkg fails due to file conflicts.

 sudo eopkg it alacritty
Total size of package(s): 1.66 MB
Downloading 1 / 1
Package alacritty found in repository Solus
alacritty-0.5.0-12-1-x86_64.eopkg [cached]
Installing 1 / 1
alacritty-0.5.0-12-1-x86_64.eopkg [cached]
Installing alacritty, version 0.5.0, release 12
 [✓] Syncing filesystems                                                success
Program terminated.
File conflicts:
/usr/share/terminfo/a/alacritty from ncurses package
/usr/share/terminfo/a/alacritty-direct from ncurses package

I think this is to do with the recent ncurses update, it added some alacritty bits.
See similar issue over at arch: