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13" Galaxy Book Flex
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Hi, guys.

I just bought the new 13" Galaxy Book Flex, and installed solus budgie. But it doesnt see the sound device on the laptop. It just says "dummy output" in sound settings. No sound. There is a few other minor things, but i think its related to the new hardware in the machine. Im confident those will be updated as time flows. I hope there will be an update soon, regarding the sound device. That part is kind of important.

You guys have a nice day. :-)

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Jacek added a subscriber: Jacek.Aug 24 2020, 8:18 PM

Solus team can't do much if there isn't driver for it. So the best thing you can do is to monitor support for it on any linux distribution, and if there are things that need to be changed to make it work, you could report them here.
For example it could happen that necessary drivers make their way into the kernel, but they need to be enabled in Solus's kernel config.

This is the closest ive been able to find so far, but it seems like its getting there for ubuntu.

DataDrake triaged this task as Needs More Info priority.Nov 14 2020, 5:33 PM
DataDrake added a subscriber: DataDrake.

If you can get me a PCI Id or a USB ID, I can check compatibility.