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Update mangohud to 0.5.1
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Changes and Improvements

Fixed a memory leak in Source Engine 1 games (CSGO, TF2 etc)
You can use mangohud --dlsym as an alternative to MANGOHUD_DLSYM=1
MangoHud now comes with a man page man mangohud
Added support for KDE neon in build script
output_file is now replaced by output_folder, the files are automatically named after the programs executable
By pressing Shift_L+F3 you will automatically upload the latest log file to and open up said benchmark. To upload all logs for this session, the default keybind is Control_L=F3. Both of these require that you set the permit_upload param to 1 and output_folder
Added supported for more glyph ranges

Link to the source tar.gz.

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@Trillon008 This is something that you should be maintaining. Any chance you could get this updated?

Yes ! The latest release is from less than 24 hours ago. I had to modify the package to get it built but haven't run all the test plans yet. Anyway this should be in unstable before Friday's sync.