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nautilus-python only for Python 2 and not Python 3
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Our nautilus-python is compiled only for Python 2, so you can't build extensions relying on it with Python 3. Other distributions have 2 separate packages, should Solus do the same or just switch to Python 3 only?
I wanted to request inclusion of nautilus-terminal, but this needs to be fixed first.

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Jacek created this task.Jul 19 2020, 3:10 PM
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The move of nautilus-python from python 2 to 3 is not contingent on the inclusion of nautilus-terminal, so that should not be the reason for the move.

A more reasonable technical argument for the move is:

  1. nautilus-admin should actually be deprecated. It's marked as readonly by upstream and isn't getting developed.
  2. nautilus-folder-icons should actually support python 3 per
  3. font-manager nautilus integration is likely python 3 compatible and can be disabled if that is not the case.