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Name of the software: BiglyBT
Project/product Homepage: and
Why we should include this into the repository: Bittorrent Client which supports I2P and Tor helper extensions. It's actively maintained, have support for: webtorrent; swarm merging; swarm discoveries, decentralized ratings, comments and chats. It's continuation of Azureus/Vuze (and does not have ads, unlike vuze).
Is it open source: Yes, GPL-2.0 License
Tarballs can be found here:
Source repository:

There are torrent clients that can let users download files, but:

  • Webtorrent-Desktop - does not have support for customizing torrent trackers and does not have features BiglyBT have. It's heavy on RAM.
  • qbittorrent - offers almost all except the decentralized features of BiglyBT, but have problems with DHT on torrents that have less peers
  • transmission - no decentralized features (except DHT, transmission supports it), listens only on 1 tracker at a time
  • deluge - as above

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Normally I'd give this in-depth analysis, but it's written Java and we really don't another bittorrent client. If you don't like that, you are welcome to download and run the JAR yourself.