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Remmina RDP broken
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Remmina RDP client was working fine before update on 03/07/2020.

now when i try to connect to RDP server it pops error "Install RDP plugin first"

I don't remember installing rdp plugin specifically lastime meaning it could be part of the package or installed automatically.

I reinstalled Remmina & freedrp(dependancy), I still get the same error.

Sorry I can't show IP or Host names.

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Installed to test.

Previous version does not show RDP in the drop down list -> Update -> RDP option is now available and I successfully connected to a Windows 10 machine.

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Thanks for the testing @Harvey, it's much appreciated. Sorry for the breakage @kp2401075. Given the current state of unstable (lots of stuff being tested), we can't do a wholesale sync and likely not a cherry-pick. You could try installing the packages using the command below:

sudo eopkg install

Going to mark this as resolved though since it's been validated.

Thanks a lot for quick solutions.

it's working again for me as well.

@JoshStrobl @Harvey your help is much appreciated.