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[RFC] Needs New Maintainer: dar
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These packages have been deemed to not be adequately maintained or integrated into the Solus repositories and/or Solus software stack.

Basic Information:

  • Name: dar
  • Description: dar is a shell command that backs up from a single file to a whole filesystems, taking care of hard links, Extended Attributes, sparse files, MacOS's file forks, any inode type (including Solaris Door inodes), etc.
  • Homepage:

Event Timeline

Herald triaged this task as High priority. · View Herald TranscriptJun 23 2020, 12:10 PM

This package has been marked by a Core Team member for planned deprecation. In this case, Planned Deprecation means that this package will be removed from our repository in the event no individual comes forward to maintain this package. Such Planned Deprecation will occur no less than 30 days from the adding of this tag.

If you wish to become the dedicated package maintainer for this package, please bear in mind that this package has been marked as a result of being either poorly integrated or maintained. If you are intent on becoming the maintainer for this package, please do so with:

  1. The expectation that you will be responsible for actively maintaining and integrating this package into the rest of the Solus software stack.
  2. The expectation that you will need to respond to issues related to this package in a timely manner.
  3. The expectation that you will be or already are actively using this package as part of your workflow, whether on a irregular or regular basis.

In the event you wish to become a package maintainer for this, please comment that you will be stepping forward to do so. This way, a Core Team member, or a member of the Triage Team, can remove the Planned Deprecation tag.

@netchup are you offering to become the explicit maintainer of this package? You didn't reference this task in your diff.

Just this upgrade, not a maintainer. I think there are tools that can replace dar. All depends on dar development and how much people use this software. I don't feel good enought to be a maintainer of something i am not using. Just had to do something once with dar.

JoshStrobl closed this task as Resolved.Jul 23 2020, 9:32 AM
JoshStrobl claimed this task.

Okay then while I appreciate the patch, I'm going to be deprecated it from the repository. This needs an explicit maintainer otherwise it's just going to fall behind again.