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hid-nintendo kernel module
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  • Name: hid-nintendo
  • Homepage:
  • Why should this be included in the repository? Provides a properly working driver for Nintendo Switch controllers, as this hasn't be accepted to the upstream kernel yet.
  • Is it Open Source? Yes, GPL-2.0
  • Who and how many users do you anticipate will use this software? Any Solus user who owns and would like to use a Nintendo Switch controller on their computer.
  • Link to source tarball:
  • Side note: joycond is also needed to pair Joycons as a single controller.

I have also attached my own attempt at a package.yml, though I could not figure out if there was any way to submit that.

This patch is also needed to compile the driver for the LTS kernel due to LED_ON not being defined in <linux/leds.h> yet.

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We support neither DKMS nor out-of-tree drivers (excluding graphics and some wireless, which are all from major industry leaders like NVIDIA, Broadcom, etc.).