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Software Center on Plasma KDE Stop responding trying to install 3rd part software
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The title say almost everything, all the third part packages make the Software Center stop reponding, on my machine, and only works if i reinitialize it. Didn't find the packages on eopkg throug cli. I also don't no if this is a KDE issue or this is a issue with the OS. Is there someway to fix it myself or give more information for you to wonder with whats happening ? Thanks in advance.

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gnomo created this task.Jun 19 2020, 12:23 AM
gnomo added a comment.Jun 19 2020, 2:57 AM

But this is from 2018. Anyway i was able to install a snap. But if there is a option to install from Software Center, and i couldn't do this because some software problem, why is my question invalid ? I didn't get it.

Harvey added a subscriber: Harvey.Jun 19 2020, 3:42 AM

Because the bug was already reported an as such it is a duplicate, because it was reported in another issue tracker it can not be merged with it as a duplicate and as such is invalid.

The package manager and software center will be completely rewritten which is when any of its shortcomings will be addressed and that is currently blocked by other things being developed, there is only so much time in a day.

Third party section specifically exists separate to Solus's repository due to licensing restrictions of the software it contains, they're not actually hosted by Solus in order to comply and are simply repackaging .deb's provided by upstream in an attempt to make it easier for people to use software that vendors have made difficult to support at all.

Even with improvements to how timeouts are handled this section will always be somewhat of a buggy mess due to the way it HAS to work to comply with closed source projects licensing. Introducing server issues beyond anyone's control and several bad habits closed source software vendors have such as making modifications to existing releases instead of tagging new releases when they make changes. Google will release google-earth-1.2.3 which they then decide to modify and keep the same version and file name, so now the hash check done as part of a security check fails and that requires someone to report the hash check failure and manual intervention by a maintainer to fix or sometimes they just change the download location for the hell of it, delete old releases immediately on releasing a new version etc.

Installing software from the third party section via the CLI is possible and is documented here:

This way if it times out it is more obvious and you can just re-run the command. How often you run into this depends on your connection and the connection between you and the servers involved or how often upstream does something stupid.