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projectlibre not starting due to java issue
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When trying to run projectlibre, I get the following error messages:

mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/projectlibre’: Permission denied
Java auto-detection...
Checking java
/usr/bin/projectlibre: line 137: /projectlibre/java-version: No such file or directory


Checking /usr/lib64/openjdk-8/jre/bin/java
/usr/bin/projectlibre: line 137: /projectlibre/java-version: No such file or directory


Java not found or incorrect version.
Please install OpenJDK, Oracle JRE 1.6+ or set JAVA_HOME environment variable if it's already installed.

I have installed:
projectlibre 1.9.1-5
openjdk-8 8.232-18

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@livingsilver94 can you have a look? specially that path here is a bit funky Checking /usr/lib64/openjdk-8/jre/bin/java

livingsilver94 added a comment.EditedMay 25 2020, 11:51 AM

Sure thing.

EDIT: works fine here :/ Lemme have a deeper look.

@Sebastian could you please post the output of env, launching it from the directory where you launched projectlibre? Remember to remove any sensible information like passwords before posting.

Ah, nevermind, found the bug.

Sorry, just got home.
Thank you very much !

This bug got fixed by D9028.

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