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Update pulseeffects to 4.7.3
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The current version of lsp-plugins in repos is 1.1.21. Versions higher than 1.1.14 need PulseEffects 4.7.2. Older PulseEffects versions only work with Linux Studio 1.1.13 or older. This is stated by the pulseeffects dev on github.

Currently eg the equalizer in pulseeffects is not working as an update to 4.7.2 is required.

Link to the tarball.

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Junglist created this task.May 24 2020, 3:44 PM
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I had some time to look at this while waiting an eternity for qt5-webengine to rebuild. Looks like the newer version of pulseeffects requires a newer version of boost. I have downgraded lsp-plugins to 1.1.13 in the hopes that it works fine with jack2 and pulseeffects 4.7.1: R4687:340958405ac5: Downgrade to 1.1.13 for pulseseffects 4.7.1

I'll leave this task open as a reminder and tie it in with the boost 1.72 upgrade task.

I've tried the downgraded lsp-plugins (1.1.13), and I can confirm that the equalizer in pulseeffects (4.7.1) now works again.

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In the meantime, pulseeffects released a new version - 4.7.3 - so I updated the task.