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black screen after login since todays update
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After todays update, Solus seems to boot normaly up to Login-Screen. After entering Username ans Paswort for Budgie Desktop, I hear the jingle that gets palyed after each login, the I get a black screen.
After undoing the update, system is back to normal.

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do you update via terminal or Software center?

I updated via terminal with sudo eopkg up

Sebastian renamed this task from back screen after login since todays update to black screen after login since todays update.May 22 2020, 3:49 PM

do you have a nvidia gpu?

No: AMD® Rv620

@Sebastian Can you send us your Xorg log from a failed boot? Thanks.

Sebastian added a comment.EditedMay 22 2020, 8:56 PM

I'm a bit stumped. Nothing in those logs seems to indicate a source of failure. Can you try logging in from TTY and running /usr/bin/budgie-desktop and reportign back with any errors? Thanks.

Do I have to kill anything first?
If I go to tty after boot and run /usr/bin/budgie-desktop (as root?), I get no messages at all. Once it said "terminated" though.
But I noticed the following: I boot. I enter username ans password. For 1 second it displays my normal Budgie Desktop, then the screen turns black. Then I go to tty and kill the process VBoxClient. Then I hear the jingle Budgie plays at startup. Then I switch back to Ctrl+F7. If I now connect a second screen, I get my Desktop back.

Alright, you should be able to go ahead and remove virtualbox-guest-common and reboot to resolve this. I'll work with @kyrios123 to see if we can figure out why this is happening. Thanks you!

This time the jingle played in tty before I killed VBoxClient. But only after killing VBoxClient and connecting second screen I get the Desktop back.

Thank you !!!
I can confirm that removing virtualbox-guest-common "solves" the issue.

I'm looking at this

r3r57 added a subscriber: r3r57.May 24 2020, 8:55 AM

I've experienced the same issue after the update and reverted it.
@DataDrake tip, uninstalling virtualbox-guest-common, also solved the issue so I applied the update and uninstalled it.

Unfortunately, when I booted Solus today, I got the black screen again. As distinct from @Sebastian it's a 50/50 chance to get to the login screen before the screen turns black.

@kyrios123 patch didn't fix the problem for me, so I'm currently going without the latest update.

Here are my logs right after booting:

Have you installed the release 155 which is currently only available in unstable ?

Have you installed the release 155 which is currently only available in unstable ?


Installed package:
Name                : virtualbox-guest-common, version: 6.1.8, release: 155
Summary             : Common components for the VirtualBox guest packages
Description         : VirtualBox is a free powerful open source solution for
                      running other x86 and x86_64 operating systems virtually
                      on your computer.
Installation Guide  :
Licenses            : GPL-2.0-only
Component           : virt
Dependencies        : libxcomposite libxdamage libxfixes libxmu libxrandr pam 
Distribution        : Solus, Dist. Release: 1
Architecture        : x86_64, Installed Size: 6.52 MB
Reverse Dependencies:

But for me it's a hit-and-miss. Here are logs from a failed attempt to boot:

I'll keep an eye on it over the next few days and report back with logs.

si added a subscriber: si.May 30 2020, 1:19 PM

FYI today's update to fix this has also fixed an issue for me;

since a big update, a few days ago, i had a runaway process, vboxclient, on root.