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Name: Kronometer

Description: Kronometer is the KDE stopwatch app. According to the KDE website, it "is part of the KDE Extragear collection, within the Utils sub-module."


Why: Currently GNOME clocks is in the repository but (a) it doesn't integrate as well with KDE, and (b) it isn't as configurable as Kronometer.

License: It is open source, GPLv2+

Who will use it: I've built the package on my local machine and certainly use it all the time. I think a stopwatch is something many people will use, especially people using Solus KDE edition who want a native app and not a poorly integrated GTK+ app.

Source download:

I submitted a patch at D8917 but Joshua directed me get a task approved first. Sorry for the inconvenience, I'll try to follow better decorum in the future.


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Please provide the requested info and the reopen: Otherwise, this is an Invalid request.

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Closing since user is opting to go and create their own Linux distribution. I don't see a reason further support should be provided given that intent.